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Discover the next era of sustainable, dependable, and cost-effective solar services at GEPS-solar Kannur. As the primary solar panel dealers in Kannur, we realise the objective of your home and business.

Trust us to deliver the best-in-class products and exceed your expectations. Join the renewable energy revolution today!

How can we meet the growing demand for electricity while protecting our climate & make the planet a better place by being the best solar panel dealers in Kannur?

  • Reliable and performance-oriented solar service
  • Just-in-time manufacturing of solar products
  • Solar material financing
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Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

Upgrade your home to the future of smart, sustainable living with the best tech in solar Kannur

Discover our range of sustainable and smart solar Kannur, including solar panels,, solar water heaters, and home automation systems. Upgrade your home to a more efficient and eco-friendly living space with our solar services.

GEPS is developing a wide range of renewable products like on-grid and off-grid solar plants, CCTV and security solutions, and many more.

The latest solar rooftop subsidy program offers a central financial assistance of 30,000 subsidy for 1 kW system, 60,000 for 2 kW systems and 78,000 for 3 kW systems or higher.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or you can call us any time +91 8547 655 673

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Energize Society With Sustainable Energy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels benefit your home by significantly reducing your electricity bills, providing clean and renewable energy, and reducing your carbon footprint
The installation process, is handled by the best solar panel dealers in Kannur, and involves site assessment, panel mounting, and electrical connection for seamless integration.
The eligibility criteria for solar panel subsidies in Kerala are detailed on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. These criteria are uniform for consumers throughout India. The cost of a 1kW solar panel in Kerala, after applying the subsidy, varies based on factors like the solar system type, technical specifications, and safety standards. Subsidies are generally accessible to homeowners and housing societies that meet the specified eligibility criteria and adhere to the application procedures.
Grid Interactive Rooftop Photovoltaic systems are incapable of generating electricity at night. When the system is not generating power, electricity can be sourced from the electric grid. Alternatively, energy can be stored for later use, such as during the night or in the monsoon season, using batteries.
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Dont delay your progress

Get ahead of the energy race with geps solar kannur!

We need extreme care and dedication to give the best and be the best, be responsible human being with goals, and conquer the world of renewable energy. No matter where you are we provide you with the wanted service, according to your needs.

  • More energy output than your old energy resource
  • 90% less cost on energy usage
  • Zero waste energy
  • Efficient performance
  • Aid in buying solar material
  • Budget-friendly
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