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Complete guide about Solar rooftop subsidy

As the world faces a serious energy shortage, we're working hard to find new ways to get energy. One of the best options we're exploring is renewable energy, like solar power. To encourage people to use solar energy, the Indian government gives rewards, called subsidies, for installing solar panels. Let's talk about these subsidies specifically for solar panels in Kerala.

The MNRE solar rooftop subsidy is for on-grid solar systems. These panels must be made entirely in India, including the solar cells inside them. This means only solar panels made in India can get the MNRE subsidy . Also, only installers approved by KSEB can offer products under this subsidy. The subsidy amount needs to be paid in full when you install the system. Afterward, the subsidy will be added to your account within 30 days.

Here's a quick overview of the solar panel subsidy in Kerala

IFor solar systems up to 3 kW, the subsidy rate is Rs 14,588 per kW. So, if you install a 3 kW solar system, you'll get a total subsidy of Rs 43,764.

For installations over 3 kW, the subsidy amount is Rs 7,294 per kW. This means that for each additional 1 kW beyond the 3 kW limit, a subsidy of Rs 7,294 will be provided. For instance, the total subsidy for a 5 kW system would be Rs 58,352.

Similarly, for an 8 kW system, the total subsidy would be Rs 80,234, and for a 10 kW system, it would be Rs 94,822.

It's important to note that these rates may be subject to change based on any updates or revisions to the MNRE subsidy program rules.

Are you eligible to claim the subsidy?

Let's verify if you're eligible for the MNRE solar panel subsidy.

  • The MNRE subsidy is only available to individuals with a residential connection. So, if you're seeking the MNRE subsidy, you need to have a residential connection.
  • To claim the subsidy, it's essential that you are the owner of the consumer number. So, make sure you are the consumer number holder.
  • Moreover, you'll receive the subsidy only if you register using the current procedure. If you've previously installed an on-grid system, you won't be eligible for the solar panel subsidy.

  • Let's take a quick look at the eligibility criteria for the solar panel subsidy offered by KSEB.

    KSEB offers subsidies to individuals, companies, and organizations in Kerala for installing solar panel systems to generate power.

  • People living in Kerala are eligible to apply for the solar panel subsidy. Additionally, you should have a valid KSEB electricity connection.
  • The solar panel installation must be in Kerala for both commercial and residential buildings to qualify for the subsidy.
  • To claim the subsidy, your rooftop solar panel system must be installed by an authorised installer.

  • How to obtain a solar subsidy.

    If you're interested in installing solar panels, you have the option to apply for subsidies either on the MNRE website for MNRE subsidies or on the KSEB website for KSEB subsidies. The most important thing is to check if your solar panel system meets the subsidy program's requirements. Then, make sure to work with a certified installer, who can help you with the process. Finally, you'll need to apply for the subsidy.

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