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GEPS Energy has opened its new branch in Kanjangad, Kasaragod. Considering more customers are interested in solar and have many satisfied customers in Kannur, we had a plan some time ago to start a new branch in Kasaragod. The reason behind our success is that we provide a range of quality and reliable solar products at a reasonable price, as well as excellent customer service before and after installation. Now that it's the solar age, GEPS Solar Kasaragod will be a convenient one stop solution for all your solar needs. We believe that GEPS Solar Kasaragod is a small milestone, and our eternal goal is to bring the use of solar energy to all people in Kerala.

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Say Goodbye To High Electricity Bills!

Most people switch to solar energy due to the high electricity bills. Depending on the size of the panel and the amount of energy you need, the solar panel can reduce or eliminate your current bill. Now the government allows subsidies like the “PM Suryaghar Muft Bijili Yojana” that help you spend less on the installation.

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What is PM Suryagarh Muft Bijili Yojana?

PM Suryaghar Muft Bijili Yojana is a central government subsidy scheme that provides subsidies to install solar panels on the roofs of households in India. The scheme covers up to 40% of the cost of solar panels.

Kasargod’s One-Stop Solution for All Solar Products

Geps Energy Kasaragod will offer the best branded solar products and services at affordable prices. Our aim is to bring the benefits of solar to everyone in India and also become the best solar panel dealers in Kasaragod. Wait for the days of lower electricity bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar energy is renewable, non-polluting, low maintenance, prevents global warming, and saves money.
Geps provides on-grid, ff-grid, and hybrid solar plants, water heaters, water purifiers, CCTV cameras, inverters, street lights, batteries, inverter batteries, micro-inverters, and stainless steel tanks.
No. Maintaining your solar panel is pretty easy; it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Just clean the panel twice a year with biodegradable soap and water.
Geps provides all solar product sales and services.