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Kerala's Ambitious Project: Thiruvananthapuram Set to Become the Largest Solar City

With the nation accelerating its efforts in solar power generation to meet the 2030 renewable energy targets, the Kerala state government has initiated a project poised to turn the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram, into the most extensive solar city in India. The ambitious plan involves the installation of rooftop solar panels on every eligible building in the city.

The Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology (ANERT) has organized a three-day expo aimed at informing Thiruvananthapuram residents about rooftop solar options and various schemes initiated by the central government. The rooftop solar program has been in operation since July 2022.

After the successful solarization of Modhera, a heritage town in Gujarat, achieved through a 10 MW solar power installation, transforming it into a solar town, the state government is now considering turning Thiruvananthapuram into the first fully solar city in India.

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ANERT CEO Narendra Nath Velluri has emphasized that the solarization initiative in Thiruvananthapuram is geared towards fulfilling all electricity requirements through renewable sources. The city itself has the capacity to generate 800 MW of solar power. ANERT has identified approximately 3 lakh buildings suitable for rooftop solar, contributing to an estimated 700 MW of solar power generation.

The CEO of ANERT mentioned that rooftop solar installations are presently underway on 600 government buildings in Thiruvananthapuram. Of these, 150 rooftop solar installations have already been completed, and the remaining installations are expected to be finished within the next two months.

The state government aims to generate around 100 MW from solar street lamps and other government institutions in Thiruvananthapuram. Various banks participating in the ANERT expo offer residents the opportunity to explore loan options for rooftop solar power installations. ANERT CEO Narendra Nath Velluri stated, "The Kerala government is also providing incentives for citizens choosing solar energy, covering up to four percent of the interest on bank loans for purchasing solar systems.

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