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3kW solar panel price in India! your best solar decision yet

In this short passage, we will have a comprehensive and concise look into the price variations in 3kw solar panel price in India and ways to determine what to buy and which to buy. In this, we will talk about GEPS solar panels and how they provide the best.

What’s so special about 3kw solar panels?

Here's the deal you probably know about the whole idea of why people prefer to install solar panels, clean energy more output, and many more sane and magical stuff that you probably can’t wait to get. But there's a catch, there's no one-size-fits-all need for solar panels. Solar panels are available according to the energy output according to which they can function based on.

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For example energy output varies for different spaces, and there’s a different consumption capacity for a factory as opposed to a school. Similarly, there's a high demand for 3kw solar panels, as these are highly suitable for residential areas and small-scale startups. The energy expenditure and consumption required come in terms of moderate need, hence using a 3kw capacity becomes more useful than ever.

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Why should choose a 3kw solar panel for your home?

In simple terms it's built for homes and residential areas, the kind of energy needs that is required for such an area is almost 1/3rd of what a factory or a mega plant needs. Hence a 3kw panel is just the best measure for your electricity needs, but there are more factors that initially seal the deal in terms of initially owning one;

Reduces reliance on the grid

if anything the most hectic part is relying on grids more than often to utilize or convert energy, the excessive reliance can be mostly damaging or the maintenance becomes heavy. So in short there's a significant cancellation of unwanted electricity usage

Limited roof space

just around 200-250 square feet of roof space is required to actually install a 3kw solar panel, there’s no kind of immediate need for bigger spaces as they can go almost in any roof space, as long as it's not too sparse or less. The best part of owning a 3kw solar panel is that it can be a great source of relief for those who own a home of moderate width and wish to be on the cleaner and economically suitable side of energy needs.

It's very cost-effective

the immediate price is affordable and more interestingly the expected energy output is apt considering a normal home needs. Along with that, the upfront cost is nearly less expensive and at most times affordable, and if looking at it from a different angle solar is a one-time fix and requires minimal maintenance so betting on an affordable option is as useful as going for cheaper less guaranteed options.

There are incentives

the world all over is hell-bent on reducing its carbon footprint and is more desiccated to ensuring clean and green forms of energy, hence certain places provide subsidies and incentives for the sake of sustainability. The Kerala government offers around 40% subsidies for aid in installing solar, so there's no reason to not go forward with a solar panel installation. A 3kw solar panel price in India with subsidy costs almost less than your high-featured car and at times you can buy almost twice the amount of panels at the car's price.

Your business probably needs it!

If you are an owner of a startup and what you need is an emphasis or vision on working with cleaner forms of energy then the best course of action for you is to invest in some solar. There are plenty of reasons why you need one and we will point a few out but on a prime and genuine reason, you need a solar upgrade because of the amount of energy short start-ups require, but more often than not these start-ups bear the heavy brunt of electricity consumption.

Hence a 3kw solar panel is your savior! What can it do? Well, a lot more;

  • ● Clean energy obviously
  • ● Low maintenance cost
  • ● Easy installation
  • ● Hassle-free use
  • ● Easy to check and navigate

And helps you get most jobs done, which is a plus.

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What's the 3kw solar panel home price in India?

The pricing can range from anything from exorbitant to something close to affordable in most companies but in most cases, it's actually, very much affordable, and the pricing is sometimes justified. As we said these sometimes cost less than your regular car price as 3kw solar panel price in India with subsidy is even less. Your home dreams and your business dreams can be made clean with just a 3kw solar panel, more than that the 3kw solar system for home price in India at its most affordable range yet.

Geps has it sorted for you

Geps is committed to providing quality and service in one without having to go through the hassle of ever thinking twice. Whether you have a home or a startup electricity bills ring just the same, and more so than ever we provide a solar range that is more remarkable than any 3 kw solar price in India. We provide quality over quantity and quantity just the way you want.

Our 3kw solr panels are;

  • ● Affordable
  • ● Efficient
  • ● And requires the least maintenance

So if you've decided upon solar then decide upon Geps.

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