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How Eco-Friendly is Your Solar Powered Electric Vehicle?

Undoubtedly, electric vehicles have fewer emissions, are more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and have a smaller impact on the environment than combustion vehicles.

In actuality, there are still a lot of people in society and among those who drive electric vehicle who are hesitant, doubtful, and even dispute about them.

Whether their power is reduced, if there aren't enough charging stations, if their cost is excessive, etc. Many of these claims are myths, far from being true.

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Is electric vehicle a great tool for combating air pollution.

Although authorities and consumers are starting to favor electric vehicles for several reasons, the most talked-about ones are air pollution and carbon emissions.

Furthermore, serious questions have been raised concerning the health of those who reside in cities with high levels of traffic pollution brought on by combustion engine vehicle. Indeed, ambient air pollution is thought to be the cause of almost 3.5 million premature deaths annually.

Can you charge your electric vehicle with solar energy?

The simple and quick answer is that an electric vehicle's battery can be fully charged by solar energy.

For individuals who now have solar panels installed, consider this perspective: The energy you now use to power appliances like your refrigerator and television, as well as to charge other devices like smartphones, comes from the sun. It's similar to using that electricity to charge another device when you connect your electric vehicle (EV) to your solar panels.Thus you can set up a solar ev charging station in your home itself.

How to charge an EV with solar ?

Now that you understand the benefits of using solar powered electric vehicle, let's talk a little bit more about the process to ensure you install the proper amount of panels and receive long-term value.

The steps to charging your electric vehicle with solar panels are as follows:

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  • Calculate how much kWh your vehicle will require based on your driving style
  • Determine the number of solar panels required to generate that kWh.
  • Invest in solar equipment capable of producing that much power.
  • Purchase a Level 2 vehicle charger

Regarding the adoption of electric vehicles and the integration of renewable energy sources into the overall power mix, India has all the correct intents and goals set forth. But it's important to realize that both objectives are mutually beneficial and go hand in hand. When considering lifetime CO2 emissions, the incorporation of renewable energy will make solar powered electric vehicle (EVs) really greener than gasoline-powered vehicles.

By lowering transmission and distribution losses, distributed solar energy will help EVs become more commercially viable by lowering their lifetime CO2 emissions and operating costs. Additionally, distributed solar will lessen the need for capital expenditures (CAPEX) to upgrade distribution and transmission systems as a result of increased demand from EV charging.

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