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Energize life with Geps solar inverters

Nowadays unpredictable weather conditions are resulting in frequent power loss which is causing disruption in almost every life cycle and is one of the biggest issues we are facing today. With the arrival of monsoon, power failure is going to be a part of routine and an inverter becomes inevitable.

There will be several doubts about installation, maintenance, service etc. To make it effortless, going for the right solar dealers is an important factor. We are supplying inverters in partnership with Luminous energy, which has been a trustable brand with a wide range of innovative products in the power backup and household solar area including solar systems, batteries, and inverters.

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Geps solar inverter for home will fulfill all your power needs at home. In this era as current solely serves in productivity requires a source that can fill the energy gap. As we are experiencing power shortage in our country, excessive usage of traditional inverters raises the electricity bills. On switching to eco-friendly sustainable sources of power generation, our future can be secured from the unwanted burden of conventional inverter expense.

Geps solar inverterssolar inverters stand out due to their cost-effectiveness and efficient power consumption. Additionally, our products are user friendly and services are easily accessible whenever you need them. An ideal size for a home inverter is about 600VA and what needs to be taken care of should be the battery. Just as your inverter size matters, the inverter battery capacity matters too. Along with an inverter you can trustfully go for our installation service for batteries which is compatible with your load requirements.

Our inverter system has been thoughtfully designed for a solar revolution so that everyone can afford it without compromising quality. This aim becomes successful if we can make it reachable to every nook and corner of our nation. In order to achieve this, the government has launched various schemes with the vision of promoting independent power generation at homes. Under PM Surya Ghar muft bhijli yojana on February 15, 2024, households will receive a subsidy to install solar panels on their rooftops.

It is high time that we should be responsible for our activities while coming to utilization of our ecosystem and resources. In the future earth’s energy requirements will rely on solar energy that cannot be denied. Solar energy sector is a rapidly growing sector creating numerous jobs in manufacturing maintenance and sales boosting the local economy. Solar energy can be scaled to meet a wide range of energy needs from small residential setups to large solar farms. We can make sure that future energy generation is in harmony with our ecosystem.

Features that distinct solar inverters from other inverters

Guarantees security by
  • Protection against overload: Prevents damage from using excessive power
  • Safety from short circuits.
  • Temperature control: Prevents overheating by regulating temperature
  • Maximum power generation
  • Highly durable and weather resistant
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