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How GEPS Solar Services Transformed the Fate of Kannur?

GEPS Energy is a leading solar company that offers a comprehensive range of solar services in various locations in Kannur. With a commitment to harnessing clean and renewable energy, GEPS Energy provides the best solar solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers across multiple locations. Here's a detailed overview of the solar services they offer

Solar Panel Installation

GEPS Energy specialises in the installation of solar panels, ensuring efficient and reliable energy generation for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Their expert team customises installations to maximise solar energy capture, helping customers reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.

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How GEPS Energy Became Kerala's Leading Solar Company

GEPS Energy's journey to becoming Kerala's leading solar company is a proof to its commitment to renewable energy and its strategic approach to the solar services market in the region.

Through a combination of technical expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and a focus on sustainable practices, GEPS Energy emerged as Kerala's leading solar company, playing a central role in the state's transition towards clean and renewable energy sources.

Solar Maintenance and Repairs

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of solar panels, regular maintenance is crucial. GEPS Energy offers maintenance and repair services, including cleaning, inspection, and necessary repairs, ensuring that solar systems operate efficiently.

Customised Solar Solutions

GEPS Energy understands that every customer's energy needs are unique. They specialise in customising solar solutions to match specific requirements, providing customised systems that deliver the best results.

GEPS Energy has established service in different locations across Kannur to provide prompt solar solutions to customers;

GEPS Solar service in Mattanur

In Mattanur, where grid connectivity may be limited, GEPS Energy offers off-grid solar solutions. These systems provide reliable electricity even in areas without traditional power infrastructure.

To make solar power accessible to everyone in Mattanur,GEPS Energy provides flexible financing options, easing the financial burden of initial installation costs.

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GEPS Solar panel dealers in Chalode

Residents and businesses in Chalode can benefit from GEPS Energy's expert solar panel installation services. They ensure efficient and reliable solar systems customised to meet the unique energy needs of Chalode's community.

GEPS Energy provides regular maintenance and repair services in Chalode to ensure that solar panels continue to operate at peak efficiency, maximising energy generation.

Going Solar in Thalassery with GEPS

To ensure uninterrupted power supply, Thalassery residents can benefit from GEPS Energy's battery storage solutions, which store excess solar energy for use during the night or during power outages.

Critical facilities in Thalassery, such as hospitals and emergency response centres, can rely on GEPS Energy's emergency solar power solutions for a reliable source of electricity during emergencies.

Benefits of GEPS solar in Chakkarakal

Promoting awareness and knowledge about solar energy is a priority in Chakkarakal. GEPS Energy conducts educational programs and workshops to empower the community with information about renewable energy.

Residents of Chakkarakal can reduce their electricity bills and contribute to a greener environment with GEPS Energy's grid-tied solar systems, which allow excess energy to be fed back into the grid.

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GEPS Energy aims to make solar energy accessible to people across Kannur through their solar service and authorised solar panel dealers in different parts of the district. Their localised presence and expert assistance at every step of your solar journey—from enquiry to after-sales service—has made GEPS Energy the leading solar company in Kerala.

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